Browsing is a way of doing a structured or guided search. Users can browse via Subject or Region. Making a selection at this stage never cuts off access to the other options, but it does provide a quick and easy way of getting into the content.

Browsing via Subject

Let's start with Subject and search for information about "Christmas."

From the Subject list on the left hand side of the screen, click on "Celebrations and Rituals."

The next page shows (a) sub-subjects to "Celebrations and Rituals;" (b) Regions from which you can select to narrow your search; and (c) Results.

Browsing via Subject

"Christmas" is one of the sub-subjects, so click on that to access all results relating to that topic.

Notice how the breadcrumb trail (d) at the top of the page changes to show the path taken to get to this point. It also tells you how many results there are for the browse so far (5). You can navigate back to any previous point in the search by clicking along the breadcrumb trail. To start from the beginning again, simply click Start Over.

To continue with the browse, you can either click on one of the results, eg, Saint Nicholas, to reach a content page, or further define the results by limiting by a region.

For example, to refine the browse to "Christmas in North America results," select "North America" from the list in the box at the left of the screen. Again, notice how the breadcrumb changes to include the new term, and the number of search results is reduced to 1.

Click on any result to access the content.

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Browsing via Region

For this example, we're looking for information on Latin American folk tales.

On the home page, select "Latin America" from the listing on the right hand side of the screen.

This takes you to a page showing (a) all available Subjects to choose from; (b) all available countries in Latin America to choose from; and (c) Results.

Browsing via Region

The breadcrumb trail shows that there are 284 results so far, but you still have to limit the browse to folktales. Select "Tales, Myths and Legends" from the box on the right hand side of the screen. This generates (a) a list of tale types to choose from if you want to make further choices; and (b) 186 results.

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